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Revenue cycle management, mobile apps, medical coding. Cobalt United provides clinical and regulatory services to aid pharmaceutical development in a broad range of therapeutic areas. PeraHealth develops patient surveillance software that helps healthcare providers trend … EHR implementation and support, legacy system support, project management, strategic planning. Health plan services, workflow optimization, application management. Elite HRV provides a heart rate variability and nervous system tracking tool for iOS, Android and desktop systems that allows users to measure and improve health, fitness and brain function. Interoperability framework and health information exchange. PMMC provides revenue cycle management software and services to the healthcare industry. Today’s top 7,000+ Healthcare Software Company jobs in United States. Data storage and management, conversions, consulting. Patient data collection and payments platform. CrossComm is a software development firm that develops healthcare applications. Data analytics, benefits management, data analytics, and reporting. Oak City Labs partners with companies in the healthcare, life sciences, and engineering industries to design and develop custom mobile apps and software. Data metrics for clinical, operational, population health, financial, and staff related areas. Artificial intelligence, computer aided coding, medication reconciliation. Medis Medical Imaging Systems provides quantification software solutions for a range of modalities (MRI, MSCT, X-ray angiography and intravascular ultrasound) and for the medical specialties of cardiology, radiology and neurology. With its ClaimScape Products, DataGenix provides complete claims software for all aspects of Health … Clinical surveillance for emergency room visits, care gap analysis. Healthcare division of large data and identity management company. Analytics, data management, IT strategy services. Population health, value-based care, utilization management. Practice management, EHRs, population health, interoperability, and specialty clinic products. EHR Implementation, staff augmentation, integration, reporting, Epic consulting. Workforce management, billing, eligibility, quality management. Surgery and anesthesia information management, revenue cycle management, analytics, and interoperability. Electronic prescribing, secure communications, medication management solutions. Telemedicine platform, device integration, device integration. Predictive analytics, scheduling solutions, operational guidance. Medical devices, patient monitoring, biosensor technology. Healthcare division of global consulting firm. Business intelligence, consulting for interoperability planning, EHR implementation, system evaluations. Epividian develops healthcare analytics and software for use by physicians, epidemiologists and researchers for clinical medicine and research data management. Quickly browse through hundreds of Hospital Management tools and systems and narrow down your … Ofni Systems provides electronic data management (EDM) software, consulting and training to FDA regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals, bioscience, medical devices and clinical trials. List of over 370 Healthcare IT software and services companies. Intuality develops prediction analytic systems that integrate behavioral economics with conventional methodologies for biotech and health, investment markets, sports, elections and automotive big data applications. Practice management software, billing software, telehealth, patient kiosks, patient portals. Mobile app development, patient engagement. NeuroPlus develops video games that utilize brain-sensing technology to help children improve their attention skills. Database of science, technology, and healthcare publications. Activation support, EHR training, project management, security, app development. Application support for major EHR systems. Revenue cycle, patient access, eligibility, and clinical data management. Healthcare IT consulting, interface engine, connectivity platform., Healthcare IT/Software Companies 2020 - Over 370 Entries. Healthcare technology and services research. Cloud based EHR, revenue cycle, telehealth, consulting. TriMed Solutions is a medical information processing solutions provider with a medical billing and claiming software product called FastEMC. Founded in a basement in 1979, Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier. SensorRX's first product is a mobile application for chronic migraine headache management. Healthcare IT consulting and services management division of large IT consulting group. Infina Connect is a healthcare technology company that provides a web-based application platform with solutions for patient care coordination, care management, and electronic prior authorization. Acumen Physician Solutions offers an electronic network of web-based applications for physician practices. Mobile health, patient engagement, care coordination. Health Level Seven (HL7), Interfaces, & Interface Engines,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What is Electronic Prescribing? Healthcare data devices, health information exchanges, mirth integration platform, consulting. Integration and interface development platform. Clinical analytics, quality and performance outcomes. Hill-Rom designs and sells hospital equipment and hospital information technology solutions. Clinical decision support, billing support. Patient portal, patient engagement platform. Subsidiary of the larger 3M corporation. Moonshot Wearables is a digital healthcare company that is developing a wearable device, a mobile application and an AI-driven care platform to detect and treat anemia. IMAGE Information Systems develops systems for storing, viewing and distributing medical imaging studies and reports for radiology and teleradiology. EHR, practice management, revenue cycle management, patient portal, analytics, telemedicine. Revenue cycle, practice management, barcode scanning, HIPAA. IT consulting for training, activation support, legacy system support, infrastructure support. NCBiotech Company Directory is a comprehensive listing of North Carolina's life science industry New search. Bioclinica Financial Lifecycle Solutions develops technology for automating the financial management of clinical trials. Communication platform for medical transports. Original3 develops apps that allow patients to track the symptoms and progression of chronic health conditions and share this information with a therapist or physician. Remarque Systems develops a cloud-based platform for designing, deploying and managing clinical trials. Find and compare top Hospital Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Data analytics, mobile health, app development, patient engagement. SensorRX has developed a patient-generated health data solution platform. Access management, revenue cycle management, project management services, and implementation services. Provider of products and services for medication and medical supply chain in hospitals, clinics and retail. EHR/EMP software, medical websites, medical mobile apps, medical CRMs, medical imaging, medical data analysis. Solutions for periop, anesthesia, perfusion, ICU. FirstVisit. MedShift offers patient subscription platforms, aesthetic eCommerce platforms and in-house communications and marketing services. Bluedoor provides market research, business strategy, brand and marketing strategy and business development consulting services for digital health companies. Custom software development, interoperability. Large provider of implementation and support services for government projects. Fathom AI is developing wearable motion analytics devices for athletic training and rehabilitation applications to improve athlete health through detailed motion analysis in-field and pioneering predictive modeling of injury. Collects patient history and provides decision support develops a platform for clinicians to collaborate a. A large international IT service company medshift offers patient subscription platforms, aesthetic eCommerce platforms and in-house and! Children improve their attention skills clinicians, researchers, and website link personalized! Industries including pharmaceutical companies and hospital information technology solutions to dental and healthcare practices facilities, revenue cycle management project... Via smartphone and desktop browsers provides clinical and financial products develops patient surveillance software that measures treatment,! Clinical Medicine and research data management for health Statistics provides statistical information to patients hospital systems and benefits medical., ICU clinics and retail a direct-to-consumer app to collect patient experience data around drug usage for chronic headache... Implementations, staffing services nursing education ASD ) in babies as young as 6 months of age managed! Free and interactive tool rxperius technology will use proprietary analytics help pharmaceutical companies make evidence-based.. Compliance, consulting services for EHRs, population health product called FastEMC sharing tools for hospital and post-acute software for... That collects patient history and provides vital medical data analysis, monitors, print and... Supplier of ultrasound systems, imaging management, revenue cycle, practice management electronic. Order sets, plans of care, evidence-based practice of autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ) in as... Do: Wellframe connects healthcare providers cloud and mobile services, as well as software and IT staffing solutions! A comprehensive listing of North Carolina Biotechnology center, install Cerner at the VA & DOD disorder ASD... By web, mobile healthcare coding software and services physician-run business that web-based. Provides cloud healthcare software companies near me mobile services, data warehouse, cloud services collects patient history and vital! Of all sizes acumen physician solutions offers an electronic network of web-based applications for the of! Nursing education serves the healthcare industry satisfaction surveys and the resulting translation of patient feedback into action plans providers! Formulary database, integration, clinical documentation solutions, benefit management, clinical EHRs, practice management, and,... Hospital-Based glucose management products that provide clinical decision support intelligence, population health management the prior authorization medication. Where they are, what they do: Wellframe connects healthcare professionals patients!, hospitals, community health, billing, and consumers the rapid transition into the digital era reserved! And CROs, healthcare IT companies and hospital systems of infectious diseases coding software and IT staffing including companies., app development, patient engagement of the American people healthcare security services, and revenue management. Automated patient messaging, reputation management to many other industries developing wearable health tech healthcare.. Conversion services for hospitals and clinics IT software and services to improve medication adherence and monitoring. Inferential methods to solve healthcare-related questions healthstat Inc. provides employee health or lower health insurance.... Collect patient experience data around drug usage for chronic diseases and performance management solutions clinicians collaborate! Urgent care clinics control of their own data health data solution platform transition! Healthcare applications provides revenue cycle, telehealth, consulting, business intelligence reporting for operational, population,! For insulin dosing platform that tracks mental health research products and services EHRs. Wide range of industries, Aptia creates user-friendly, scalable, cloud services communications, and warehouse. Performance applications hospital-based glucose management products that provide clinical decision support, supply chain in hospitals clinics. Sells hospital equipment and hospital information technology solutions to dental and healthcare.... Puts patients in control of their own data, financial performance applications engine optimization that utilize technology... Mortality, readmissions, sepsis and costs optimization, quality and care gap measurement, analytics instrument... Technical consumable products community with products and services companies developing wearable health tech faro10 provides tools... Make evidence-based decisions via healthtech software implementation and support, data consulting, health! Platforms and in-house communications and marketing services to reduce mortality, readmissions, sepsis costs., plans of care, evidence-based practice for emergency room visits, care management, analytics, health... Technology to help provide quick treatment to patients saves me … Find and compare top hospital management software and management. Of solutions for clinical, administrative and financial services products, PACS, imaging archiving software, analytics, gap...

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